About Us

DefNext is a company that works in the light of science and aims to deliver

the products it has prepared with enthusiasm and passion to its consumers
without compromising on quality. In this context, our products and services are as follows:
  • Production and sale of Medicinal-Aromatic Plants and Herbal Drugs
  • Production and Sales of Fixed Oils, Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Aromatherapy Products
  • Production, Sales and supply of Standardized Liquid and Dry Herbal Extracts
  • Production, sales and supply of raw materials of food, cosmetic and herbal medicines
  • Sports Food Formulation Studies and Production
  • Development and Production of Veterinary Feed Additives and Premix Formulations
  • Production and Sales of Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Food Supplement and Herbal Teas
  • Research-Development (R & D) and Formulation Studies on Herbal Products
DefNext signed standardized plant raw materials are certified and comply with international standardization. All necessary quality controls are made on medicinal and aromatic plants for correct and effective chemical composition.
Essential oils are produced by steam distillation method and fixed oils are produced by cold press method and packeged under hygienic conditions without losing their nutritional values. Our company, which grows with the goal of being a leader in natural products, increases its customer potential both in Turkey and abroad.
Essential and fixed oils whose raw materials are not available in our country are imported from the producer companies abroad and the products are presented to our customers after the analysis reports are examined and the quality is approved.

We also produce standardized herbal extracts for the food, health and beauty industry. Our research team consists of academicians, pharmacists, chemists and biologists.