DefNext is a herbal raw material specialist that pursues quality. In this beautiful land, where the heart of the world beats, the people of Anatolia have prepared the medicine by using native plants. In the 5000-year history of medicine, the physicians of Anatolia (Hippocrates (460-375 BC), Dioskorides (40-90 BC) and Galen (129 BC) 129-200)) played a major role in the formation of modern medicine.

Our medicinal and aromatic plant species have been healing the diseases of the people living in Anatolian civilizations for thousands of years. Our company was established to give the medicinal and aromatic plants of Anatolia the value it deserves.

DefNext with the energy from the past; has started its story by aiming to produce and sell quality, certified medicinal and aromatic herbal ingredients.
As DefNext, our company principle is; to produce high quality herbal products that we and our children can use with peace of mind.
Defnext; was established by bringing together the scientific and industrial experience considering the difficulty of accessing the right - quality herbal raw materials and the low number of reliable companies.